Never buy DJI drones – A nightmare with Phantom products

 :: Posted on 01-28-2018

Never buy DJI drones – A nightmare with Phantom products

My experience with DJI products and Phantom technical support team was a nightmare. They cheated me an approximate total of USD$1150 with a BAD or a FAKED product.

I purchased a Phantom 3 product in Oct of 2017. After some testing of the Phantom

product, I noticed that the RTH mode would return the drone about 2-3 meters away from the “home” position, while other times 10-20 meters away from home position. Even worse, the Phantom 3 drone did not come back with a battery of around 40%, and a distance of 150 meters. So, I lost the Phantom product in Oct. of 2017, within a few weeks after purchasing.

Then, I talked to the DJI Phantom technical support team for help. They argued it was not their problem and promised to sell me another drone with a 15% discount. I paid the amount of money with the new “Phantom 3“. It took about 2 weeks to arrive my home in November of 2017. However, the new “Phantom 3” sent to me was a faulty – it did not work at all! And it looked like an used product.

Then, I wrote several emails to the email address that sold me the products to ask them why this has happened. I was amazed that I received no emails at all within TEN days, considering that I had paid about USD$1150 to them in total! Finally, I got one email back because I sent emails to the sales, marketing, and investment teams. In other words they received my emails, but did not want to communicate with the client that spent USD$1150 to them!

At the end they contacted me, without saying even “sorry”. And they did not want to reimburse any money to me. The reason seems “If we give you money back, how about other customers?”.

So sad, some other customers have been facing the similar situation as mine!

In your life, have you ever had experience that the money cannot be back if the products you purchased could never work at all?

Until now, I have reason to believe the Phantom product that I received is a faked one or a bad one – the second Phantom 3 never worked/flew.

Probably some people may ask why there are some video/posts on internet stating the Phantom 3/4 is a good product. My experience told me that the DJI Phantom team could have hired some people or given some people some benefit/money to make some faked video/writings as marketing/media ads. If anybody who made some video on the internet in favor of Phantom products does not state that s/he is not supported/benefited from DJI, you really cannot trust him/her for his/her Phantom experience. E.g., one guy on the internet showed a Phantom product can return home position within a very small cycled area – looks like within one feet difference from home? That is absolutely not true! My experience told me that Phantom 3 product cannot fly back to home like this – best one was 2 meters away from HOME position.

If you do not want to have that kind of nightmare, try to avoid buying DJI Phantom products. There are so many other drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Why take risk to try DJI(Phantom, Marvic, Spark) drone?

Choice is at your hands – try the nightmare or not?


 :: Posted on 09-03-2018

I bought a refurbished phantom 4 pro and within a week I noticed it wasn’t flying correctly, drifting and yawing on its own. I sent it back to DJI thinking that it would be covered under their aftersales warranty policy and they would fix it…NOPE. They claim that I crashed the drone and they want me to pay for all the new parts. Since I didn’t crash the drone I disputed their claim. They told me to send in all my flight data so they could review it for a crash.

I was told to call back in 2 days if it didn’t get an email from them about the results. After 2 days I called, they said they needed more time and to call back in another 2 days. I called again and they said they still needed another 2 days. I called again today and they said the same thing the last three times I’ve called “there is no update in your case, allow us 2 days to process your request”. Now if you’re keeping track I called 4 times and each time they said “we need 2 more days”.

I was hoping for a relatively quick fix because I use my drones for my aerial imaging business, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to be the case. Luckily I have a Mavic I can use while I wait for my P4P.

I have flown this P4P a total of 18 flights for a total flight time of about 2 hours, which is not very much. It almost seems like they are just delaying until I pay the repair cost. I have also been disconnected from their phone lines multiple times when I call to ask about the progress of my case. I’m sure its not intentional but its extremely frustrating after I’ve been on hold for a long time.

I sold my previous drone (Autel X-Star Premium) to upgrade to DJI. That might have been a mistake. Autel’s customer service blows DJI out of the water.

Called again and told me to wait 2 more days…ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I asked to speak to a supervisor and they wouldn’t let me. I called again today and they said that their data team showed that there was no sign of a crash but I still need to pay the repair bill, even though they say now its covered under warranty.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said there is no supervisors, so I just kept asking for a supervisor over and over. Finally he said he would try and find a supervisor. Once the supervisor was on the phone I told him everything that was happening and he starting LAUGHING at me! I told him to let me talk to his boss because a supervisor should have some respect for their customers. He just kept laughing. After trying to talk to his boss he finally said that the repairs shouldn’t cost anything and they are sending the conformation asap. What kind of company lets this be the way they handle customers. I honestly can’t believe this is really how DJI wants to be represented.

By Zack Lowenstein

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

DJI Sales Support is all about wasting your time

 :: Posted on 09-03-2018

I have tried to place an order for the new Mavic Air 2 under a 0% VAT EU program. The problem is that the VAT isn’t deducted at checkout and no one at DJI understands/cares why this happens.

I have now spent two hours altogether chatting with DJI Customer Support (ha!). On the first occasion I was promised that my case should be escalated and I should be contacted shortly. Well no one contacted me so two days after I should have been contacted I reached out again to DJI via chat.

I asked the Agent if he could see what happened to my escalated support case but he didn’t care just started the whole process with questions again and after one hour with no success or development, he asked if I was happy with his services. I said; no since you haven’t solved anything for me just spent my time.

I have actually never come across a worse Customer Support than DJI’s in my 30 years experience. And even though they have great products they will be losing fast when their competitors get’s up to speed technically.

What surprises me is that no one from Senior Management seems to read/care about all the negativity that is all over social media and the internet. Trust me DJI, treating paying customers the way you do will bite you in the end.

By Tony

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

If a receipt is all you want shop DJI store!!!! Go elsewhere if you want an actual Drone!!!

 :: Posted on 07-19-2018

If a receipt is all you want shop DJI store!!!! Go elsewhere if you want an actual Drone!!!

Ordered a Phantom 3 Pro after my previous one got caught in wind and just kept flying never to be found. Hit return to home, tried to get it to just land so I could go pick it up, but it flew until it was out of range and was no longer able to be tracked. Until then no problems, flew great and really good pics and video. So I ordered a new one. Placed order on June 15. Received shipping conformation June 25 for a unit that was supposed to be in stock. Then i get notification from FedEx that the delivery would be on June 28 estimated time between 9am – 2:55pm and a signature from an adult with ID is required. Well since I WORK that wasn’t going to work out. So i tried to have it sent to a FedEx pick up location instead. I was informed no changes could be made since Dji put restrictions on it to be only delivered to my residence. Contacted Dji and spent HOURS over 3 days trying to get them to release it. After the second attempt at delivery Dji released the package to be picked up at FedEx pick up location but decided ( from China ) that it needed to be picked up in Murphy Texas and put a hold on that so it can’t be changed. Just so happens Murphy is the opposite direction from my house as my job. So now I won’t be able to pick it up without spending another 12 hrs dealing with the morons at DJI to get them to F___ this up again. Thank god I ordered through Pay Pal. I will be trying to completely cancel this order to never deal with dji customer service again. Unless you are extremely bored and have no life whatsoever don’t order from the Dji store. You will probably regret it if you do!!!! I wish there was a 0 star option. But that still wouldn’t be low enough to rate this absolutely horrible experience!!!!!!!!!!

By Jason

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?


 :: Posted on 07-19-2018


Really annoyed at myself for not checking these reviews before purchasing a spark off DJI. Their customer service is by far the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. Drones are not easy and simple to fly so I guarantee you will have to contact DJI at some point and they will drive you crazy. Do not buy from DJI they look good on paper but in reality are terrible.

How can a company that charges so much for its products only offer customer services until 6pm each day and are closed on the weekends? Do they not realise people work and require support after these hours. Absolutely ridiculous in this mordern era.

I’ve had a faulty drone since day one and tried to contact them by email. They are slow to respond and when they do don’t acknowledge the whole issues and send back very short messages telling you basic obvious things. For example my dji spark app wouldn’t load so they suggested for me to close the app and try again… are they for real? I’ve gone back and forth with them and I keep getting poor stupid responses back.

My batteries are faulty so they now want me to send it in to them to be repaired. I’ve flown the drone less than 5 times as the batteries are so crap and last for 6 mins vs the expected 15 mins. Any normal company would acknowledge that I’ve hardly had the drone and complained non stop about it so would just send out new batteries to rectify the situation… but not DJI .

do not make the mistake everyone else on this page and I have made… their is a reason why they are scored 1 out of 5. Why spend so much to receive the worst/no customer service

By NK Watford

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

DJI Customer service nightmare – By Adam Stamatis

 :: Posted on 07-19-2018

I called DJI customer service & also used the chat option on DJI website. I got a DJI Spark drone & the box came damaged and everything looks like it was opened and used. I called DJI within the 14 return policy, a man who claimed to be the highest level customer service rep at DJI has to offer regarding customer issues he told me he would call me back on returning the DJI Spark for DJI Mavic Air and I never got a returned phone call. Now I am out of my 14-day return policy and every time I try to talk to someone at DJI and I explain to them what’s going on and all they say is that I am outside the return policy and hangs up. POOOOOOOOOOOR Customer service. I am a little confused the DJI Spark cost $249.00 the DJI Mavic Air costs $799.00 I am not asking for my money back I am actually trying to spend an addition $550.00 and so far I had a horrible experience with DJI. If that’s the case, DJI should consider hiring a new customer service department. I bought the drone for my trip on July 18th I am very disappointed that I will not have a drone by the time I go away. I have visited the BBB site and other review sites only to find reviews that express the poor reputation DJI has for resolving similar issues to mine. Enough is enough! After my experience with DJI, I’m done with purchasing anything from them, hope other companies will up their game so I can take my business elsewhere, I love companies that stand behind their products and I find myself to be a loyal customer. Don’t purchase a product from a company that doesn’t care about their customers.

By Adam Stamatis

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

Dishonest doesn’t even begin to describe DJI

 :: Posted on 04-03-2018

Dishonest doesn’t even begin to describe DJI. I purchased via Amazon, a Phantom 4 quadcopter package that was meant to come with a spare battery. After a month of chasing them for the battery I sent everything back for a full refund instead. They owe me roughly USD1500. They tried to ‘refund’ USD100. More than a week on, still no full refund. What’s really disturbing is they somehow managed to change their name in Amazon from DJI to “Amazing Savings” after I sent reviews showing similar complaints. With the name change, the negative reviews have disappeared. I’m a little shocked at the blatant wrongdoing here and don’t understand how they can be allowed to operate like this.

By PLee

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k Review, FAQs And Beautiful Footage

 :: Posted on 02-16-2018

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k Review, FAQs And Beautiful Footage

This Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k review looks closely at the drone, CGO3 4K camera, ST10 controller and Steady Grip. Also included are Q500 4k stunning aerial footage and camera settings.

Just as important we look at what comes with the quadcopter and the latest Yuneec Q500 4k price.

The Q500 4k Pro first came on the market back in Summer 2015. With it’s high specification and a number of firmware updates adding new features, the Typhoon Q500 4k is still ahead of many newer drones which have come on the market.

The Yuneec customer service is definitely well ahead of many if it’s competitors. Yuneec began making remote control toys way back in 1999 from their Hong Kong factory. By 2003, they had international offices including Los Angeles, Hamburg and the UK. In 2010, Yuneec were awarded with the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize (LEAP) prize.

In 2014, they brought their combined innovation, research and development to bring their first quadcopter to the market.

In 2015, the massive chip manufacturer Intel invested millions in Yuneec. They certainly are a manufacturer of the highest quality drones and you can see that in the Q500 4k specifications and features.

Since then, Yuneec have released a number of quadcopters which cover the commercial, professional and hobby sectors.

In 2016, they released the Typhoon H and Breeze.
Typhoon Q500 4K Review And FAQs

In brief, the Typhoon Q500 features a 4k camera, a 3 axis gimbal and the ST10 5.8 GHz controller giving long distance realtime digital video from the quadcopter back to the controller.

This drone combines a 2.4 GHz radio control transmitter with a 5.8 GHz digital video link along with a built-in Android touch screen, creating a UAV which is perfect for aerial photo and video capture.

The Q500 4K comes with everything you need to fly. All you need to do is unpack everything, charge the Q500 battery and ST10 ground station controller and you are ready to fly.
Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Drone Key Specs

Below we have all the information, features and specification on the Q500 4k quadcopter, the ST10 controller, CGO3 gimbal camera and the Steady Grip handheld. We have also some terrific 4k footage, camera settings, price information, what’s in the box and a Q500 4k review video.
What is the Yuneec Q500 Airframe Weight And Size

The Yuneec Q500 airframe weights is 3.8 lbs (1700 grams) and it’s dimensions are 16.5 x 16.5 x 8.3 inches (420 x 420 x 210 mm).
What Is The Typhoon Q500 Drone Flight Time

25 minutes of flight time and the versions with the aluminium carry case come with two batteries. So you will have 50 minutes of flying without having to buy another battery. The Q500 battery price is approximately USD 45.00.
What is the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k Range

The video transmission range in optimum conditions and according to the documentation – FCC Standard up to 2,624 feet (800 meters) and CE Standard up to 1312 feet (400 meters).
What Is The Yuneec Q500 Battery Type

The Q500 battery type is a 5400mAh 3-Cell / 3S 11.1V LiPo
What Are the Typhoon Q500 4k Pro Flight Modes

The Typhoon Q500 4k Pro has 5 Flight Modes as follows:

Smart – When the Smart Mode is switched on, the Q500 4k will always move in the direction the right hand control stick is pushed relative to the pilot, no matter which way the front nose is pointed. In other words, if you push the stick to the left, then the Typhoon will always move to the left.

Angle Pilot – When the Angle mode is on, the Q500 will move in the direction the control stick is pushed relative to the front nose of the quadcopter. It is like you were actually flying from inside the Q500.

Follow Me – When Follow Me is enabled, the Typhoon Q500 4K is linked to the pilot who is holding and controlling the ST10 ground station controller. The Q500 quadcopter will then follow you.

Watch Me – When Watch Me is enabled, the Q500 4K camera stays pointed at the pilot holding the ST10 c, keeping them in focus and in frame, no matter which way the drone is maneuvered.

Return Home – Switch to Return Home Mode and the Typhoon Q500 4K will fly back towards the location of the pilot holding the ST10 ground station. It will automatically land within 13 to 26 feet (4 to 8 meters) of the pilot.
About The Yuneec ST10 Controller

The Yuneec ST10 controller with 5.5” LCD touchscreen for FPV is a remote control transmitter and receiver in one. It gives you full control over your Typhoon 4k drone while flying and lets you take photos and videos with ease. The 5.5 inch touchscreen display allows you to track live images from the Q500 camera. It is very easy to control the CGO3 gimbal and adjust the camera settings.

The Yuneec ST10 Ground Station displays real-time telemetry data during flight, including flight mode, altitude, speed over ground, distance from home, camera status, GPS position coordinates and aircraft battery status.

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?


 :: Posted on 02-16-2018

Avoid DJI Mavic Pro – By Col.

Had my DJI Mavic pro for three weeks, crashed it (kind of my fault as I did not set the ‘return to home’ correctly. I only damaged one of the arms, they said two so I agreed to pay anyway.

I had the drone sent back to me, and it didn’t look like a new unit, so I checked the serial number and surprise surprise, they’ve sent me a complete reconditioned unit.

After complaining and speaking to a complete bunch of **** all about customer service, they persisted to send me images of their terms and conditions.

My arguments got me nowhere, but I knew that would be the case after reading the other 150 something ONE STAR reviews..

Fortunately, my friend runs a online tech magazine with over ONE MILLION UK subscribers, and has agreed to let me write a review in his drone section this April about my DJI experience. That makes me happy.

Don’t even bother buying anything from DJI, because if anything goes wrong, you’re up s**t creek without a paddle.

By Col

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

I believe DJI has no future at all!!!

 :: Posted on 02-10-2018

By Johny Pep Aka British Boxer

Okay, so i just got into to some of the most outrageous conversations with DJI staff in China, Germany and the US!

First off, if you buy a drone from them, respect all the regulations, stock out of the box yet it disconnects from your remote for no apparent reason and takes off somewhere the flight data confirms is unrecoverable like a body of water, into a volcano etc and you the user did not cause this DJI REFUSES TO REPLACE IT…

It appears to be more and more clear that they discovered how to make more money with after sales by causing more issues with their firmware updates in any case they will NEVER admit what the alert from your remote is when it happens, NEVER!!!!!

I have read over 25 threads, 148 users alike and not one time have they explained to the victims of their scam what the alert from the remote means when the aircraft does this…..because if they did it would be clearly admitting it was a MALFUNCTION!!!!

Been a fool one guy was DJI talked him into sending the remote to them and even CHARGING for repairs if they found an issues with it, wait that is not bad enough, after the poor guys sent the remote DJI stated they will charge him of they did NOT find a problem with the remote!!!

now imagine how greedy their after sales staff is that the managers are slapping their call help desk employees in the back of the head demanding YOU LIE for us, you say what we tell you soul less piece of trash worth less then 20 cents an hour, and when you finished LYING for DJI you LIE again on all the social media sites and DJI forums, YOUR JOB IS TO LIE!, we do not care if you sit and cry how horrible it is you sold your soul but you LIE LIE LIE its what your paid for and considered good it LIARS!

Imagine DJI did not have such ugly soul less greedy managers paid to kick the max profit from after sales and instead where honest, considerate and took responsibility case by case to replace lost drones, charge for only damaged drones, cameras etc.

But un fortunately when they update firmware or their software and anything crashes during a flight…well…even if its not a end user fault it will be according to DJI..

i believe this company has no future at all, they can talk about it all they want, once a little drone punk comes along and offers 45min battery life, sensors, 1 inch cam etc etc..bye bye DJI.


And I am not one of the victims but a smart drag who is selling my mavic and P4P.

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

DJI DO NOT CARE.. truly appalling !

 :: Posted on 02-10-2018

Asia, Nepal, Himalayas, Sagarmatha National Park, Solu Khumbu Everest Region, climbers walking below Nuptse making their way to camp 2 on Mt Everest

By D. James

I bought both mavic platinum flymore combo (£1499) and DJI refresh (insurance against accidental damage- £140).

First of all what DJI aren’t telling people is that they are firstly a sales team, and in no way a customer service or support team 2nd.. This is cleverly disguised with their apparent offer of online support.. do not be fooled folks.. Its a sales team 100% of the time.

I’d now like to address a fundamental loophole / design flaw in their drones, which works to their advantage in making more money from their customers. Firstly the Mavic (despite bold claims ) will not fly very well at all in anything other than a light wind (and even then, a wind warning will appear). I tried a flight one day to my horror , when upon taking the drone to 50 metres it got caught in a draft (and seriously this is how I’d at worst, describe it) . The drone just drifted away and out of view, despite applying return to home.. and even sport mode at full throttle. Eventually it lost connection and landed on 13% battery in a field out of view.. and was never recovered. The motors failed to tackle the environment it found itself in. What most people on planet earth know is that aside from maybe in a desert, wind can be undetectable , and almost impossible to avoid completely at altitude. Ask any pilot.

Here is the loophole. The controller conveniently has built into it various safety features and warning messages (such as
‘High wind fly with caution’) . However , in the US, I have never had a single day without these messages appearing. As i say, I have felt a light wind (at worst) every time. No one would be silly enough to fly something so expensive thinking it may never return . Most days are never without a gentle breeze in most countries I know. So , whilst you may think DJI have filled this drone with a fail safe flying system, these safety messages are actually hard to keep clear of, and are what DJI then use as evidence to void your warranty and not insure your item! Not only this, but if the drone ever does become lost , or unflyable in any way (including all fly away) . All their motor data is secretly used AGAINST YOU, aimed to bamboozle you that actually , nothing is ever attributed to them as “their fault” or “their responsibility” as a manufacturer. For example how irresponsible is it to advertise 4km range bearing in mind what I’m outlining? Despite this, and endless customer service emails back and forth from even the most disgruntled customers, they are ruthlessly dis interested in anything other than charging nearly full price for a replacement product! This , despite having paid for insurance, means YOU are simply NOT COVERED and being lied to !!!!!

The progress of every flight gets recorded and uploaded to their support team , which is then used to disprove your insurance claim, ultimately clearing them of any responsibility for any loss or damage.

DJI is a ruthless organization run by profiting con men . Do not get me wrong , The concept and design of the drone is very technologically advanced , but everything else that follows, they’ve completely dis regarded in favor of making a profit. DJI simply have switched off to everything a good reputable business requires in its organization. The company is being pedelled by some serious con artists . They truly are the worst organization I’ve ever has the misfortune of buying from . NEVER EVER expect to be covered by them , and do not even waste your money with DJI care. Buy with caution, and fly with even more , because you will never see your drone again if its lost (yes , no matter how good a pilot you think you are, please remember what you’ve read here) .. you can definetely expect NO genuine compensation, compassion, care or support from DJI.

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?