Never buy DJI drones – A nightmare with Phantom products

Never buy DJI drones – A nightmare with Phantom products

My experience with DJI products and Phantom technical support team was a nightmare. They cheated me an approximate total of USD$1150 with a BAD or a FAKED product.

I purchased a Phantom 3 product in Oct of 2017. After some testing of the Phantom

product, I noticed that the RTH mode would return the drone about 2-3 meters away from the “home” position, while other times 10-20 meters away from home position. Even worse, the Phantom 3 drone did not come back with a battery of around 40%, and a distance of 150 meters. So, I lost the Phantom product in Oct. of 2017, within a few weeks after purchasing.

Then, I talked to the DJI Phantom technical support team for help. They argued it was not their problem and promised to sell me another drone with a 15% discount. I paid the amount of money with the new “Phantom 3“. It took about 2 weeks to arrive my home in November of 2017. However, the new “Phantom 3” sent to me was a faulty – it did not work at all! And it looked like an used product.

Then, I wrote several emails to the email address that sold me the products to ask them why this has happened. I was amazed that I received no emails at all within TEN days, considering that I had paid about USD$1150 to them in total! Finally, I got one email back because I sent emails to the sales, marketing, and investment teams. In other words they received my emails, but did not want to communicate with the client that spent USD$1150 to them!

At the end they contacted me, without saying even “sorry”. And they did not want to reimburse any money to me. The reason seems “If we give you money back, how about other customers?”.

So sad, some other customers have been facing the similar situation as mine!

In your life, have you ever had experience that the money cannot be back if the products you purchased could never work at all?

Until now, I have reason to believe the Phantom product that I received is a faked one or a bad one – the second Phantom 3 never worked/flew.

Probably some people may ask why there are some video/posts on internet stating the Phantom 3/4 is a good product. My experience told me that the DJI Phantom team could have hired some people or given some people some benefit/money to make some faked video/writings as marketing/media ads. If anybody who made some video on the internet in favor of Phantom products does not state that s/he is not supported/benefited from DJI, you really cannot trust him/her for his/her Phantom experience. E.g., one guy on the internet showed a Phantom product can return home position within a very small cycled area – looks like within one feet difference from home? That is absolutely not true! My experience told me that Phantom 3 product cannot fly back to home like this – best one was 2 meters away from HOME position.

If you do not want to have that kind of nightmare, try to avoid buying DJI Phantom products. There are so many other drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Why take risk to try DJI(Phantom, Marvic, Spark) drone?

Choice is at your hands – try the nightmare or not?

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