DJI DO NOT CARE.. truly appalling !

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By D. James

I bought both mavic platinum flymore combo (£1499) and DJI refresh (insurance against accidental damage- £140).

First of all what DJI aren’t telling people is that they are firstly a sales team, and in no way a customer service or support team 2nd.. This is cleverly disguised with their apparent offer of online support.. do not be fooled folks.. Its a sales team 100% of the time.

I’d now like to address a fundamental loophole / design flaw in their drones, which works to their advantage in making more money from their customers. Firstly the Mavic (despite bold claims ) will not fly very well at all in anything other than a light wind (and even then, a wind warning will appear). I tried a flight one day to my horror , when upon taking the drone to 50 metres it got caught in a draft (and seriously this is how I’d at worst, describe it) . The drone just drifted away and out of view, despite applying return to home.. and even sport mode at full throttle. Eventually it lost connection and landed on 13% battery in a field out of view.. and was never recovered. The motors failed to tackle the environment it found itself in. What most people on planet earth know is that aside from maybe in a desert, wind can be undetectable , and almost impossible to avoid completely at altitude. Ask any pilot.

Here is the loophole. The controller conveniently has built into it various safety features and warning messages (such as
‘High wind fly with caution’) . However , in the US, I have never had a single day without these messages appearing. As i say, I have felt a light wind (at worst) every time. No one would be silly enough to fly something so expensive thinking it may never return . Most days are never without a gentle breeze in most countries I know. So , whilst you may think DJI have filled this drone with a fail safe flying system, these safety messages are actually hard to keep clear of, and are what DJI then use as evidence to void your warranty and not insure your item! Not only this, but if the drone ever does become lost , or unflyable in any way (including all fly away) . All their motor data is secretly used AGAINST YOU, aimed to bamboozle you that actually , nothing is ever attributed to them as “their fault” or “their responsibility” as a manufacturer. For example how irresponsible is it to advertise 4km range bearing in mind what I’m outlining? Despite this, and endless customer service emails back and forth from even the most disgruntled customers, they are ruthlessly dis interested in anything other than charging nearly full price for a replacement product! This , despite having paid for insurance, means YOU are simply NOT COVERED and being lied to !!!!!

The progress of every flight gets recorded and uploaded to their support team , which is then used to disprove your insurance claim, ultimately clearing them of any responsibility for any loss or damage.

DJI is a ruthless organization run by profiting con men . Do not get me wrong , The concept and design of the drone is very technologically advanced , but everything else that follows, they’ve completely dis regarded in favor of making a profit. DJI simply have switched off to everything a good reputable business requires in its organization. The company is being pedelled by some serious con artists . They truly are the worst organization I’ve ever has the misfortune of buying from . NEVER EVER expect to be covered by them , and do not even waste your money with DJI care. Buy with caution, and fly with even more , because you will never see your drone again if its lost (yes , no matter how good a pilot you think you are, please remember what you’ve read here) .. you can definetely expect NO genuine compensation, compassion, care or support from DJI.

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

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