I believe DJI has no future at all!!!

By Johny Pep Aka British Boxer

Okay, so i just got into to some of the most outrageous conversations with DJI staff in China, Germany and the US!

First off, if you buy a drone from them, respect all the regulations, stock out of the box yet it disconnects from your remote for no apparent reason and takes off somewhere the flight data confirms is unrecoverable like a body of water, into a volcano etc and you the user did not cause this DJI REFUSES TO REPLACE IT…

It appears to be more and more clear that they discovered how to make more money with after sales by causing more issues with their firmware updates in any case they will NEVER admit what the alert from your remote is when it happens, NEVER!!!!!

I have read over 25 threads, 148 users alike and not one time have they explained to the victims of their scam what the alert from the remote means when the aircraft does this…..because if they did it would be clearly admitting it was a MALFUNCTION!!!!

Been a fool one guy was DJI talked him into sending the remote to them and even CHARGING for repairs if they found an issues with it, wait that is not bad enough, after the poor guys sent the remote DJI stated they will charge him of they did NOT find a problem with the remote!!!

now imagine how greedy their after sales staff is that the managers are slapping their call help desk employees in the back of the head demanding YOU LIE for us, you say what we tell you soul less piece of trash worth less then 20 cents an hour, and when you finished LYING for DJI you LIE again on all the social media sites and DJI forums, YOUR JOB IS TO LIE!, we do not care if you sit and cry how horrible it is you sold your soul but you LIE LIE LIE its what your paid for and considered good it LIARS!

Imagine DJI did not have such ugly soul less greedy managers paid to kick the max profit from after sales and instead where honest, considerate and took responsibility case by case to replace lost drones, charge for only damaged drones, cameras etc.

But un fortunately when they update firmware or their software and anything crashes during a flight…well…even if its not a end user fault it will be according to DJI..

i believe this company has no future at all, they can talk about it all they want, once a little drone punk comes along and offers 45min battery life, sensors, 1 inch cam etc etc..bye bye DJI.


And I am not one of the victims but a smart drag who is selling my mavic and P4P.

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

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  1. marketing syariah

    I believe DJI has no future at all!!!

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