DJI Customer service nightmare – By Adam Stamatis

I called DJI customer service & also used the chat option on DJI website. I got a DJI Spark drone & the box came damaged and everything looks like it was opened and used. I called DJI within the 14 return policy, a man who claimed to be the highest level customer service rep at DJI has to offer regarding customer issues he told me he would call me back on returning the DJI Spark for DJI Mavic Air and I never got a returned phone call. Now I am out of my 14-day return policy and every time I try to talk to someone at DJI and I explain to them what’s going on and all they say is that I am outside the return policy and hangs up. POOOOOOOOOOOR Customer service. I am a little confused the DJI Spark cost $249.00 the DJI Mavic Air costs $799.00 I am not asking for my money back I am actually trying to spend an addition $550.00 and so far I had a horrible experience with DJI. If that’s the case, DJI should consider hiring a new customer service department. I bought the drone for my trip on July 18th I am very disappointed that I will not have a drone by the time I go away. I have visited the BBB site and other review sites only to find reviews that express the poor reputation DJI has for resolving similar issues to mine. Enough is enough! After my experience with DJI, I’m done with purchasing anything from them, hope other companies will up their game so I can take my business elsewhere, I love companies that stand behind their products and I find myself to be a loyal customer. Don’t purchase a product from a company that doesn’t care about their customers.

By Adam Stamatis

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

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