Really annoyed at myself for not checking these reviews before purchasing a spark off DJI. Their customer service is by far the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. Drones are not easy and simple to fly so I guarantee you will have to contact DJI at some point and they will drive you crazy. Do not buy from DJI they look good on paper but in reality are terrible.

How can a company that charges so much for its products only offer customer services until 6pm each day and are closed on the weekends? Do they not realise people work and require support after these hours. Absolutely ridiculous in this mordern era.

I’ve had a faulty drone since day one and tried to contact them by email. They are slow to respond and when they do don’t acknowledge the whole issues and send back very short messages telling you basic obvious things. For example my dji spark app wouldn’t load so they suggested for me to close the app and try again… are they for real? I’ve gone back and forth with them and I keep getting poor stupid responses back.

My batteries are faulty so they now want me to send it in to them to be repaired. I’ve flown the drone less than 5 times as the batteries are so crap and last for 6 mins vs the expected 15 mins. Any normal company would acknowledge that I’ve hardly had the drone and complained non stop about it so would just send out new batteries to rectify the situation… but not DJI .

do not make the mistake everyone else on this page and I have made… their is a reason why they are scored 1 out of 5. Why spend so much to receive the worst/no customer service

By NK Watford

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

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