If a receipt is all you want shop DJI store!!!! Go elsewhere if you want an actual Drone!!!

If a receipt is all you want shop DJI store!!!! Go elsewhere if you want an actual Drone!!!

Ordered a Phantom 3 Pro after my previous one got caught in wind and just kept flying never to be found. Hit return to home, tried to get it to just land so I could go pick it up, but it flew until it was out of range and was no longer able to be tracked. Until then no problems, flew great and really good pics and video. So I ordered a new one. Placed order on June 15. Received shipping conformation June 25 for a unit that was supposed to be in stock. Then i get notification from FedEx that the delivery would be on June 28 estimated time between 9am – 2:55pm and a signature from an adult with ID is required. Well since I WORK that wasn’t going to work out. So i tried to have it sent to a FedEx pick up location instead. I was informed no changes could be made since Dji put restrictions on it to be only delivered to my residence. Contacted Dji and spent HOURS over 3 days trying to get them to release it. After the second attempt at delivery Dji released the package to be picked up at FedEx pick up location but decided ( from China ) that it needed to be picked up in Murphy Texas and put a hold on that so it can’t be changed. Just so happens Murphy is the opposite direction from my house as my job. So now I won’t be able to pick it up without spending another 12 hrs dealing with the morons at DJI to get them to F___ this up again. Thank god I ordered through Pay Pal. I will be trying to completely cancel this order to never deal with dji customer service again. Unless you are extremely bored and have no life whatsoever don’t order from the Dji store. You will probably regret it if you do!!!! I wish there was a 0 star option. But that still wouldn’t be low enough to rate this absolutely horrible experience!!!!!!!!!!

By Jason

There are so many choices for drone products on the world – 3D Robotics(Solo), Parrot(Bebop 2 FPV, Disco FPV), Yuneec(Typhoon H Pro) and so on. Do not purchase DJI products! 大疆就是搭僵?

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